Moms of Multiples

Moms of Multiples is a support group that offers information, advice and camaraderie for women with multiples or expecting multiples. Together we celebrate the joys and understand the challenges that are unique to raising multiples. We enjoy each other's company at informational monthly meetings -- specifically for Moms -- as well as a variety of family and social events throughout the year.

March 18, 2017
Moms of Multiples

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Moms support group for mothers of twins, triplets and more! Located in the northern suburbs of Chicago, we meet once a month (and more) to discuss issues specific to mothers of multiples.

Our meetings take place the first Wednesday of the month, in the evening, rotating among members' homes in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We exchange stories and ideas with one another and learn from outside speakers we have invited to talk with us.

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Many of our meetings host outside speakers who offer professional expertise in areas of particular interest to members.

We distribute a monthly newsletter, which includes information about meeting topics, advice contributed by members, wanted/for sale section, new and birth announcements.

Through donations we provide support and outreach to families of multiples who are in need. Twice a year we host workshops for expectant and new mothers, offering insightful advice and support to those new to caring for multiples.

For our newer members, we have a mentoring system that can match you up with a Mom with older multiples for one-on-one support.

Our members have access to the MOMs website membership area, which includes our informative monthly newsletter, plus an archived question and answer section for exchanging ideas and tips on raising multiples. This information is only available to MOMs members.


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